This is a mini series where I vent my frustration about the bullshit Skyforges pulls on it’s players and why it probably has such a low player count since the Ascencion Apocalpyse and never recovered from it.

During Invasions the Avatar of each Faction is one of the more difficult bosses to defeat in Skyforge. But luckily there is a Directive Quest that lets you fight against a Test or so called Training Avatar (short Tava) version of the Avatar you will later face.

I participated now the first time against the TAVA of the Mechanoids which is in essence a giant cubes that changes forms and goes through different phases. I was first pleasantly suprised because he does a thing where little cubes float around in a line and try to let you trip that you can bypass by jumping over them at the right moment.

But shortly after the Bullshit began. I was suddenly trapped in a giant cube that constantly deals damage and I died. Luckily I have bought the “Revive Master” ability for my companion so I could revive myself and was back in the fight but shortly after the same thing happened. No Telegraph, no dodge possible. I was trapped again in the cube that drained my life but each time it was done I had 80% life left until I suddenly died.

I asked on the official Discord if there is a way to mitigate this effect, like a teammate must free me, similar to the TAVA of the Phytonides but no. The Mechanoid Avatar does this all the time. Or more likely said he does it if you kill too many of his boss buddies.

You see, the Dungeon of the Avatar has up to 3 to 5 different mechanoid bosses. Each of them has a specific boss mechanic that is provided to the Avatar if they are still alive at the start of fight against the Avatar. So naturally you want to get rid of these. But by doing so the Avatar gets an insta-kill-skill.

That wouldn’t be so bad but the attack hits automatically. Yep, thats right. You die anyway. You can’t prevent it.

Why does this suck?

If you are caught in such a cube your are instantly dead!

It is bad game design. The first reason is, dead characters just stay dead in Skyforge. I mean it would be bad enough if the Avatar would only activate this skill again 1 or 2 characters because 1 to 2 players are randomly damned to do nothing but just looking how the other teammates fight against the Avatar, but the Avatar slowly but surely kills ALL of the characters within the team.

Now you can argue: Then it is a DPS-Race. You need to kill him fast enough before you run out of characters. That’s a nice idea but still won’t work. A proper designed DPS-Race would be to run against time. WITH THE WHOLE GODDAMN TEAM! By simply eliminating one character after one the overal DPS of the group is also going down. And DPS in a group isn’t evenly distributed. To keep it simple, your main DPS character that deals like 40% of the overall group DPS can die as first one. That means your chance to defeat the boss decreased a lot.

But the Argus System warns you about it!

Doesn’t matter. Bad Game Design is Bad Game Design! Think about it. What use does such a mechanic has? Nothing. It simply says: “You can’t win as long as the Avatar uses this skill.”

There is no challenge in such a mechanic. You die anyway no matter what you do. It makes it probably worse because some abilities and skills get mandatory like the “Revive Master” skill from your companion. Which means it locks out players. Also then there is the problem that there is no choice anymore to kill all the other Bosses in the Dungeon of the Avatar.

That Sucks!