Sorry mates, I forked up. I should have investigated the Icy Plateu further, then I would have noticed that it has different versions instead of directly abandoning it as I always do. You read right. The forking Icy Plateu has different variations! So to make up for my fork up of the last time, here is a second part of my last RANT to explain the Icy Plateu further and what to do. To make things easier I made Gallery for you with small descriptions. For the people that are annoyed with my writing style 😉

Three times the charm

Basically the Icy Plateu has three different areas with own spawn locations. And each location has different tasks. Main issue of my prior blog post stay. Like the mission progress marked as main objective while the secondary objectives are the real tasks to do.

After now playing Icy Plateu with its various different tasks make one problem way more clear: Mission marker on the map means jack shit. Not only are location marked entirely wrong, they don’t vanish after you partially done a task. For example: Scan three locations on the map. You scanned one, but on the map it still displays three instead of two objectives. Best is to ignore markers on the map and only go to the places marked via UI Marker:

Area 1 – Probably the easiest one

The first Area is probably the easiest one. If you spawn there the objective seems always the same: Find the Scout. Other mission types can be:

  • Killing three Mantide Patrols marked with
  • Blowing up some barriers to enter other areas
Area 2 – A lot of Bugs

The second Area seems only to have three different objectives, at least I couldn’t find more.

  • Kill the Mantide Boss Nevarius
  • Scan the crashed Aircraft
  • Scout the Area

The first objective is the easiest one. The second was in the first part explained and basically forces you to kill Nevarius before you scan the crashed Aircraft because it triggers waves of enemies. The last one shows again the retarded game design of this map. Because “Scout the Area” means you need to scan three different locations in the second Area. But you are constantly interrupt by the enviromental damage which probably should emulate a snowstorm,… on a clear and bright day. So you must time the interaction to scan between damage taken and damage not taken to complete the scan.

Also you will encounter groups of Mantides that triggers other groups of Mantides on the opposite side of the Area. So if you killed a group of Mantides and are curious why you won’t leave the combat stance and can’t interact with location you need to scan, it is because a whole bunch of Mantides is running to your location. It takes like 30-60 seconds until they reach you.

In addition there are Owlbear-Like Creatures in the Location with 4 Healthbars wandering around. You should avoid these. It takes time to kill them and they can pack a punch.

Area 3 – The Horror Camp

I discovered three different objectives for the third Area:

  • Killing the Boss in the Campside
  • Rescue the abducted people
  • Kill all three Special Aswing Fighters

The first two are still quite easy because you can ignore a lot of Mantides if you just concentrate on the objective. But beware of the Special As(s)wing Fighters. They have 4 Healthbars and constantly spawn a swarm of enemies. So be carefull not to trigger all three at once and kill the Fighters slowly one by one.

Final Boss Area

You can enter the Final Boss Area only if you did all three objectives. This area is aside from some changing monster spawns always the same. Only get sure to clear out all trash mobs before killing the final Mantide Boss Rutrea. For a more detailed description on the Boss: Please read the first part

I don’t claim to have found all possible objectives in the different Areas but I hope you got a better understanding how the Icy Plateu works. Most important is to stay together as a team, otherwise you will make it a lot harder for yourself.