In this post format we take a look on the various drop chances of the game. May it be certain Bosses and Monster or drops from Loot Boxes and Chests. Today we will take a look on the most common Chest in the game: The Mysterious Chest Mysterious Chest Icon

What does it promise?Mysterious Droptable Ingame

According to it’s ingame description it should primarly grant Knowledge of Enemy (50-150) Knowledge of Enemy Icon and Credits (250-750) Credit Icon. In addition you can receive random combat consumebles like a Jar of Acid, Regeneration Substrat, etc. and an Ancient Chest which is basically a better version of the Mysterious chest.

In essence, the description is partially wrong.

What you really get from the Mysterious Chest

The sample size I took was 119x Mysterious Chest and the drop table for this looks like this:

Main Items Min. Max. Average Dropchance (%)
Knowledge of Enemies 54 148 83,41 48,74
Credits 252 702 376,84 46,22
Ancient Chests 1 1 5,04
Additional Drops 1 1 41,18
-Accurate Map Fragments 1 1 20,17
-Combat Consumables 1 1 21,01

As you can see the Ancient Chest is part of the regular Drops, it is not an additional drop you get it instead of the Knowledge of Enemies and Credits. That also means you get the additional drops if you get an Ancient Chest.

What was strange while opening the Mysterious Chest was that if I got an additional drop, I got these first before the main drop. As additional drop you can get also Accurate Map Fragments Accurate Map Fragment Icon. If you use 10 of these Fragments you will also get an Ancient Chest.

For the Combat Consumables I only got Jar of Acid, Reanimator and Regeneration Substrat including their Special more potent variant. But I also can’t be to 100% sure that the drop table only includes these three specific Combat Consumables or if it is only a side effect of the relativly small sample size.