In this post format we take a look on the various drop chances of the game. May it be certain Bosses and Monster or drops from Loot Boxes and Chests. This time we will follow up with the Ancient Chest Ancient Chest

Ancient Chest Ingame DescriptionDoes it hold what it’s promise?

Unlike the Mysterious Chests it seems this time the ingame description seems somewhat accurate of what it drops and how it drops. That means you get mainly Knowledge of Enemy KoE (250-750) and Credits Credits (2,500-7,500). In addition you can get a Magical Chest or a random Combat Consumable. What the description misses are the Detailed Map Fragments.

The Ancient Chest Droptable

The sample size I took was 176x Ancient Chest:

Main Items Min. Max. Average Dropchance (%)
Knowledge of Enemies 251 746 376.43 51.14
Credits 2,537 6,113 3,639.78 48.86
Additional Drops 1 1 42.05
-Detailed Map Fragments 1 1 17.05
-Combat Consumables 1 1 24.43
-Magical Chest 1 1 0.57

Within my sample size of 176 Ancient Chests I was able to get 30 Detailed Map Fragments to get three Magical Chests this way, while I only got one Magical Chest directly by chance. So by 176 Ancient Chests I got 4 Magical Chests out of it which means you convert around 44 Ancient Chests into 1 Magical Chests.

The Combat Consumables I got out of it are exactly the same as from the Mysterious Chests: Reanimator, Special Reanimator, Regeneration Substrat, Special Regeneration Substrat, Jar of Acid and Special Jar of Acid. By this sample size it is still hard to see a trend what drops the most. All Combat Consumables are between 5-10 drops. So I guess that the drop rate between them is the same.