This is a mini series where I vent my frustration about the bullshit Skyforges pulls on it’s players and why it probably has such a low player count since the Ascencion Apocalpyse and never recovered from it.

Historical Picture: Birth Of Skyforges Progression Systems

My fucking god is the whole progression system in Skyforge a big pile of shit!

First of all the scaling system makes getting gear for new players almost totally meaningless and second of all, it hides all the mechanics, perks, bonuses, etc. that do let you progress behind several menus and explain nothing to you.

And the worst of all: You can’t properly catch up with the remaining community!

My Journey through the Pile of Shit

I played Skyforge back then in its original Beta Phase. I completed the initial main story line, even if it still was a bit dull and later on I left because it didn’t pick my interest anymore, even with the Ascension Atlas.

This is now my second time I returned. And as you know by now: I was like “Maybe there is hope at the end of the rainbow” and put myself through boring daily quests. At the start of my Journey I was merely Prestige 109. So I started with the Directive which are the Catch Up Mechanic in Skyforge.

3+ Month later, doing every possible activity to gain traction, increasing my Prestige, learn mechanic and ask the Veterans I am only Prestige 172 with about 470,000 Might. Let that sink in. I played a quarter of a year. Daily. Not missed one Directive. And I am still not in the endgame area of this game. Not even close. I am still way to weak to do Distortions or Champion Avatar (which I later need to unlock ALL the Halls in the Orbit to get to the Elder God) and I am still in the Newbie Area of the game.

Whole Directive System Nonsensical

Our russian friends are perfect

You know what an [TG] (TG = Training Guardian, a mod on probation) from the official Discord said to me? The Directives aren’t meant to help me with my later progression. And that’s right. I wrote this down in my Guide Progression in Skyforge that you aren’t even close to enough total Might that you are at the entrance level for the Endgame Content.

For the note, progression in Skyforge works like this: Golden Path/Way through the Province → Become Junior God/Unlock Divine Form → Do Directives to gain Might/Prestige/Deeds → Go to Endgame become stronger, get special rewards and compete with other Players.

But that means the whole Directive System is bullshit! It’s like if I call a Cab Driver and say he should Drive me home, but he only drives half the way and kicks me out of the car and takes my money (in that case, time) anyway. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say you can’t progress on your own. But like walking home instead of driving the whole thing got a lot slower now and in the case of the Directive System I wasted over 3 month now to reach this point.

“If it takes you too long: Pay Money”

This is a none argument for me and makes the whole thing worse. If you are supposed to pay your way up this game is clearly pay2win. Actually in the Developer Q&A a few weeks back a similar question was asked but basically the Developer only want to make it more clear how progression works. Which is a nice idea because as I said at the start: It is very hard to see where your actual strength comes from. But doesn’t get rid of the problem that it probably takes a player 6+ month to reach Endgame where all the Veteran players are and having fun.

You dumbasses split your Community!