This is a mini series where I vent my frustration about the bullshit Skyforges pulls on it’s players and why it probably has such a low player count since the Ascencion Apocalpyse and never recovered from it.

The Icy Plateu is one of the worst Group Adventures that you can encounter in Skyforge. It sucks so hard that regularly half of your team already left the instance before the whole “fun” started. Or you are thrown in a disfunctioning group scattered across the map. No one in the Community likes it. No one! And if someone says he likes it: HE.IS.LYING!

Icy Plateu really shows Skyforges weaknesses and inherit design flaws: Always starting at the start of the Instance + Group Aggro

Why doesn’t Skyforge spawn you directly nearby the Groupleader? Why do I must run to the action instead of thrown into it? And if you think now: “No biggy, just run to them or use your mount.” The game says: “Fork you, Group Aggro!

Group Aggro means, if one player in the group pulls a monster and enters combat or combat stance the whole group enters combat stance. Distance doesn’t matter at all! While in combat stance you move significantly slower, can’t use REGULAR mounts (strangely super expensive combat mounts work with group aggro) and can’t interact with any non-combat objects.

Why is this even worse on the Icy Plateu?
Start of the Mission

What are we doing here?

First of the Adventure never explains what you should do. Most Adventures have a short Argus Briefing at the start or the description before selecting this “fun” Adventure explains roughly whats up. But no. The Icy Plateu won’t tell you why you are here. Even the mission objectives say only “Greater Rift” with primary objective “Rift Research 0%” and as secondary objective “Find the wounded Scout” and marking 4 possible locations.

Are now the markings for the Rift Research or for the Scouts? In almost all Adventures the secondary objectives are ignored because people just want to complete it as fast as possible. Now let me tell you this: Icy Plateu has no Secondary Objective. AT. ALL.

The Rift Research is just a percentage counter to tell you how far you got in the Adventure and the as secondary marked objective is the primary objective.

Who is your worst enemy?
Icy Plateu Map

The map is not very helpfull in finding the right scout

So you must find the scouts. And at this point the random groups almost always split up because they think: Covering more ground is helpfull. NO IT ISN’T!

Mantides are your enemies here. Mantides in itself are a horrible enemy to fight because they are the most difficult, because you don’t gain any damage perk from Flavius Lab against this Faction. But on top of that they are respawning. Blocking your way back. And because of group aggro you constantly get in and out of combat stance. It is annoying. STAY ALL TOGETHER!

Also you don’t need to cover more ground. While it is true that a scout can spawn on any of the 4 locations he is directly marked at the start of the mission. Just go to the green mission mark.

Where to go next?
Finding the Scout with the green Marking

The green mission Marker shows you the true goal

After fighting your way through Mantides to eto the scout you get two new mission objectives. “Explore the crashed aircraft” or “Find aducted people”.

First go with “explore the crashed aircraft”. This task is a special kind of retard. Close to the crashed aircraft is a boss wandering around but his walking radius is pretty huge and depending where he is player often see him at first. It also don’t help that he looks like a regular Mantide enemy. Often players now interact/scan the crashed airship triggering an ambush with multiple waves of enemies while this also triggers the Boss.

On top of that the boss is more durable than the waves of enemies and if the trap with its waves is solved the game spawns giant polar bears (with 4 health bars) close to the crashed air craft which are often triggered by your combat making this a lot more difficult.

So I recommend:

Search the Boss → Kill the Boss → Scan crashed Aircracft → Kill waves of enemies → Kill Polar Bears

First Boss is easy to miss, because he is walking around

The Boss is especially hard to see in Divine Form and has a white coat in a snow area

Also the boss is sometimes broken. One of his skill generates a shield and sometimes the shield is not displayed properly, so players think it is a time based damage immunity and stop attacking. Just attack him with all you got!

Avoid unnecessary fights

The abducted people are in cocons marked with a crosshairs. The enemy densitiy here is stupidly high. And it has an own boss. A rookie mistake is to pull all enemies in the marked area and try to kill them off with AOE attacks.

Not all groups need to be killed

Unnecessary Groups of Enemies

Don’t do this, every group of enemy will trigger a respawn of Mantides more difficult. So go one group at a time and try not to dodge into another group. Also you don’t need to kill all enemies. Only the ones on the campside with the abducted people. You don’t need to kill the groups close to the radio tower and aircraft transporter.

Down into the Lair

The last step to complete this nonesense of an adventure is fighting Rutrea. Honestly the boss fight isn’t even half bad. Most player make the mistake not to clear the last group of Mantides that is very close to Rutrea and pull the boss + the additional monster group. Clear the last remaining group of trash monsters first and then start fighting the boss.

Endboss Rutrea can be challenging

First get rid of the Assistants and dodge the green skulls

Rutrea is a Mantide which enslaved two abducted people called Assistants. First get rid of the two Assistants and try to avoid the purple and red mist marked areas. They deal a lot of damage over time. Also look out for green skulls spawn by Rutrea. They pack also a punch and can easy be overlooked.

After getting rid of her Assistants Rutrea is relativly easy to handle. Only problem is that your group needs to deal a lot of damage because she has a skill to put up a shield and constantly spawns red and purple mist which you need to move as fast as possible. That means your time to deal true damage to her hitpoints is very slim.

And that’s basically it. The Adventure explains nothing. Tries to misinform the player as much as possible. Tries to seperate the group. Annoys you constantly with respawning enemies. And pesters you also with constant elemental damage. On top of that comes the difficult spikes because of the enemy type.

It is like this was supposed to be an Invasion Map and half through the Development our dear drunken russian friends scrapped the idea like “aaaah, I forgot Mantides aren’t an Invasion force” and recycled the map as an Group Adventure. What does the Rift Research even mean?

Edit(9/17/2018): But wait there is more!

Today I found out there are different versions of the Icy Plateu. So there will be a second part to go indepth about this mess of a map.