This is a small guide for people that experience the War Games Event (and it’s bugs) the first time.

Getting started

The Event started at 23. of May and will continue on to 5. of June. To start the event in all its glory you must go into the Park and visit Ianna. She will basically will tell you what this Event is all about. But be carefull, the dialogue is buggy at some point. To properly start it you need to leave Ianna, get back to her, and ask her immediatly about the War Games.

It’s time for WAR!

Basically the War Games are a simulated space. You can only enter it in the Park by some devices Flavius left there. Within the simulated space you can fight random Mechnoid bosses that are scaled to your prestige level. There are two difficulties. Common and Deadly.

In virtual space your god form is not allowed.

Common just spawns one of six mechanoid bosses randomly. By killing it you get three [Phantom Trophies].

The deadly option grants you double the amount of trophies but the bosses are harder (more health than a whale and hits like a truck, so imagine a whale with trucks as fists). In addition to this torture the arena is covered sometimes mechanoid healing rods. And yes, they fuck you up. I mean you can interact with them and deactivate them, but they respawn like every 30 seconds. That basically puts you in a position where you can either do damage or deactivate the rods. Which makes this mode a DPS-Race. And if it isn’t the healing rods that spawn in there are other suprises in the deadly boss fights to make a completion almost impossible. I don’t recommend it for new players. Just stick to the common random boss.

The access to the War Game Virtual Space is not limited but the access to the random bosses which grant you the [Phantom Trophies]. It seems kinda random. I personally can like participate three to five times a day. Other players reported they can only fight once per day against a random boss. Closing the game and opening it again sometimes do the trick to get my personal 5 tries on the boss. Seems kinda buggy.

Besides the two options for random bosses there is the DEADLY MARATHON! Basically you fight against all six mechanoid bosses in a row. I didn’t try it but it is said that you can only participate once in the whole Event in this Marathon.

What is in for me?

Drop rewards from trophies, two fashion items

As said, you get [Phantom Trophies] from killing random bosses. For the DEADLY MARATHON you win a bunch of [Ether Traces] and a pretty cool looking Mechanoid Flower Mount.

Within the Trophies you get either 30 to 3,130 [Ether Traces] the Event Currency or some other Items from the following list:

  • Distinguished Service Certificate [Adept’s Relic, +2 to all Stats]
  • Item to Start the Quests Dead Air
  • Wings of Vows [Blue Version]
  • Protector Helmet [Blue Metalic Version]

You only get each item once. After that you only get [Ether Traces] from the Trophies. The Event is actually a good one for new players or returning player because you not only get a bunch of decent looking fashion items but you can also buy mounts. You find them within the Market under the category Holiday.

How do I get more Trophies?

Besides fighting the daily bosses you get also the chance to earn [Phantom Trophies] by playing the game, because Phantom Mechanoids will spawn random in your Adventures and Region while you are in combat and by killing them you get 1-2 [Phantom Trophies], but they spawn at random. So to try to force spawn them in works not pretty well. Just do your daily Directive and they spawn in, it is relativly easy to get on a level of [Ether Traces] where you can buy a mount.

Dead Air – Probably the only good quest in the whole game

Dead Air is a nice quest. You are basically on the look out of one of Iannas Secret Agents that try to get intel about the spawning Phantom Mechanoid.

3 year old quest, 3 year old glitches

Besides some minor bugs and glitches with the animation system of the game while talking to the NPCs there is only one big downside: Forced Downtime.

The quest was written as Skyforge had an Adept System in place where your Adepts activly looked for information about the Secret Agent which is basically like a treasur hunt, which meant a downtime of 15 minutes because of the old Adept System, but this system doesn’t exist anymore and our russian friends thought it was a good idea to let the 15 minute downtime in the game. That happens like 4-5 times which means the quest takes at minimum 1,5 hours to complete only because of this downtime.

But there are a lot of nice things about the quest. The quest is well written. You get an Adept at the end which is a nice addition for new players and a costume. In addition the quest has some “alternate paths” which allows you to do certain NPC interactions differently, which is fun.

That’s it folks

That’s the event in itself. Nothing too fancy but also not shabby, especially the rewards are nice if you still look for a mount. How is/was your experience with the Event? Write it down in the comments.