If you are a new player or returning player you are probably wondering: “Why do I suck so hard in this game?”. And the answer to this question is within this Guide for you, to teach you a bit about the basics and how to properly progress.

The Horror Begins – Scaling
Getting Wrecked

You vs. Anything Else – Scaling is stupid

The answer why you get trashed by trash mobs is the scaling system of the game. Skyforge has no proper level system like other MMOs it has basically a value called Prestige which is essential some way to determine your overall power level. And it is so flawed you would imagine a retard developed it. You see a stat called MIGHT, this is the main stat of every character in the game. To determine how much health you have, how much damage and critical damage you deal, etc. your gears primary stats are only multipliers to your MIGHT. And that determines your Prestige and overall power level.

Now someone may think: Sounds easy. Higher numbers on both make more damage. Not in Skyforge because of how the scaling system works. Almost any content in Skyforge is scaled. And because of the scaling you are set to a certain Prestige which determines how much MIGTH your character has and how much multipliers your gear at max can grant. And thats the reason you get screwed over, multiple times.

But there are several abilities that are not factored into your Prestige and let you gain a tremendous advantage over your enemies.

Basic Understanding – Gear
Basic Understand of Gear

Gear Upgrade Menu

One source of additional power are the so called Key Stats. You find them only on your Jewelry and Gems of Power Gear. Depending on the quality, which is the standard quality system for almost any MMO (White Green Blue Purple Yellow/Orange) you can have a certain amount of Key Stats which goes up at three maximum on Blue Quality.

The most important Damage Stats are:

  • Main Damage Bonus (ranges from +52% to +76%)
  • Critical Chance (ranges from +28,8% to +43,2%)
  • Critical Damage (ranges from +52% to +76%)
Basic Knowledge: Selling Gear to get Pure Matter

Selling Gear gives you Pure Matter

Important to note is that you can upgrade gear by spending Pure Matter (explaining via Pic) and Credits on a certain item. But only if it is of Blue Quality or above. If you don’t want to wait until the right gear with the right stats drops you can spend Credits on a randomized system to get the stat you want, but it is extremly expensive.

Aside from the quality Gear has also different Tiers which is called within Skyforge GENERATIONS. Each Invasion the Generation increases by one. As the time of writing this guide the maximum Generation is 13 which can only be aquired by playing at the endgame area and if you have high enough Prestige.

So the best way for starters is to try to get gear with matching stats per drop and if you reach a high enough Prestige to get Generation 12 Gear and upgrade them at maximum to Purple Quality.

Mad Science! – Flavius Labratory
Flavius Lab

Easiest way to get better: Grind Flavius Lab

Within the UI under “Capital” you find Flavius Labratory. Here you find a category for every enemy faction that invades Aelion. To progress there you need to do a simple kill quest. Everytime you complete the quest you gain a perk. It rotates between extra damage against the faction, decreased incoming damage from this faction, higher duration for dropped enemy weapons of this faction but the most important are the last two Might Of The Other Worlds and Enhanced Protection.

Might Of The Other Worlds grants you each time +4% Damage and Enhanced Protection increases your maximum health by 5%. That doesn’t sound much but each category grants after completion +24% extra damage and +30% extra health. All the Perks in Flavius Lab grants you 132% extra damage and 165% extra health.

The best way to grind the quests is looking for a relativly low Prestige Region and run in circles and kill monsters of the specific faction. It doesn’t take too long and gives you a huge boost.

To note is that the active Faction, which is currently invading, gets special quests which are harder to deal with and take way longer as just to kill monsters while running in a circle, so you should probably do this last and the Demon Faction can currently only completed half because they are very shy and don’t invade that often.

The God of Errands – The Late Payoff

Another way to gain more power is to complete Adventures in your Divine Form. By doing this you gain Deeds. But be carefull your Divine Form costs you faith and faith is mostly gathered by your Adepts which have a relativly long cycle to gather faith and the process how much they gather is sometimes extremly random. Some Adepts may come back with over 100 faith, some others with 0 but others with relics to enhance your Adepts, new Adepts or Credits. Sometimes you also get an item from your Cathedrale that grants 100 faith on use, but thats also quite random and doesn’t happen every day.

That makes faith a very scarce resource and the different forms of Adventures cost all different amounts of faith and grant different amounts of Deeds.

One of the easier ways to get Deeds is using your Divine Form on the Region “Isola Digs“. It costs a starting player usually 104 faith and nets 150 Deeds. Important to note is that you must complete all quest within your 15 minutes of divine form. But you are only required to complete the last quest of each of the 5 quest lines and the final boss of the region in Divine Form. Another source of Deeds is 5 player group content but it costs you around 140 faith and nets you only 100 Deeds, but feels less grindy then “Isola Digs“.

Temples in Orbit

Choosing Hall Of Authority will help you at the long run

Deeds is a resource you first spend in the Temple Of Deeds in the “Capital” menu. Sadly there are only Perks that enhance the Divine Form, but as soon as you are done with the Temple you can go to the Orbit and work your way towards true Godhood! You will find there several Halls similar to the Temple on the ground.

I personally recommend either “Halls Of Authority”  or “Halls Of Travels” because they grant the best Perks for starters. To unlock the “Halls of Travels” you need 8,400 Victor’s Medals, later on it costs only Deeds. The “Halls Of Travels” grants mostly Perks for playing Solo, but they are very strong.

To unlock the “Halls Of Authority” you need a piece of an invading avatar. You get them easily from the Training Avatars which can accessed via a Directive (Daily Quest) every Thursday. The first Perk of the “Hall Of Authority” enhances your overall damage by 20%, later on you gain more faith and your Divine Form will cost less faith making your overall progression later on much more pleasant.

Looking For Like Minded – Pantheon

PantheonsNext and last step would be to find a Pantheon (Clans/Guilds within Skyforge). A lot of them are filled with very nice and helpfull players. They often organize groups to help new players in getting gear and resources. But the Pantheon also grant a stat increase in damage and health up to a maximum of 10% each. But even smaller Pantheons rarely have troubles to get at least 4-5% additional stats for their members.

That’s all for today. I hope the Guide could help you. Did you like it? Did I miss something? Please comment down below.