The Adept System supplies us with Credits, Relics and Adepts itself. But most importantly we get Faith from it to activate our Divine Form. Today we take a closer look what makes it tick and how you can utilize it to get the most out of it.

What are Adepts?

Good staff is hard to find these days…

Your find Adepts in the UI by pressing L. They are send to a journey by clicking the the button “Send on a Journey” where they gather various resources for you. A character can have a maximum of 8 Adepts. If you have more than 8 Adepts you can kill one off to get on the juicy faith core. Just kidding. By clicking X you send him forever away as a missionary and depending on his quality he will grant you a certain amount of faith.

The quality of Adepts is the usual MMO system: Green (20 Faith)Blue (50 Faith)Purple (100 Faith)Orange (Unknown)

Other than the one time faith gain by sending them off there is no other impact of the quality to the abilities of an Adept. It does not impact it stats.

Did I hear stats?

Adepts have the following stats: Agility, Charisma, Constitution, Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom

They start with often relativly low stats, most of the time 3-4. If they participate in Journeys they can rise. If a stat is lower than 8 it usually has a higher chance to increase as an stat higher than 8. At a certain (currently for me unknown) limit they stop gaining stat points. The stats have impact on the journey itself:

Agility Charisma Constitution Intelligence Perception Wisdom
Increases Relics gained Increases Faith gained Increases Energy Increases Credits gained Increases critical chance Increases chance of Adept quality if aquired


How does the Journey and Stats work?

You can read about your Adepts Journey in the Menu

During an Journey the energy of your Adapt is consumed slowly. Here comes Constitution into play, because it increases the Energy Pool of your Adept. The shitty thing on this system is: It will only show the percentage of the Energy Pool, it will never show you a time or the raw numbers of the Energy Pool, but the Journey will take longer, making this stat probably the most useless one out of all.

During his Journey your Adept has encounters. Each encounter has a chance to grant you either Credits, Relics, Adepts or Faith. For me it is currently unknown how exactly the process works but by the observation I made it is more likely that an encounter is always tied to a specific resource. By now having a higher stat for this resource you get more out of this event. This would explaine why some Adepts that build for Faith gain with high charisma can gain ZERO faith during a Journey, because Faith specific encounters didn’t happen.

Now comes one of the more important stats into play: Perception. An encounter can have a critical which is basically the same as doing a critical hit on an enemy, you get a lot more resources out of it. Or in case of Adepts get a higher quality adept.

Fake Relics for the Saints

Relics boost the stats of your Adepts. They also have different qualities (the usuall spectrum):

  • Green: +3 stat points
  • Blue: +5 stat points
  • Purple: +7 stat points
  • Orange: +9 stat points, +increased multiplier on immortal

Events can grant special relics

There are of course exception to this rule, like the [Distinguished Service Certificate] you can get from the Event called War Games and grants +2 to all stats which increases the stats of our Adept by 12 and not 7. Also Orange or so called Legendary Relics grant additional stats, not to your Adept, but your character which have direct effect to your Prestige.

What should I specc for?

Adepts are your main source of Faith, but for starters that essentially lack everything it is probably the best to try and specc your Adepts at the very beginning on Perception to get as much resources across the board as possible. If you have a diverse collection of Relics and don’t need the extra credits and have a full roaster of Adepts you should mainly aim for Charisma to increase your faith gain to use more often your Divine Form to get more Deeds to upgrade your character faster.

That’s all for today. Please let me known below in the comments if this guide helped you, or if I did some mistakes, so I can correct them. Have a nice day.