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Skyforge Battle Royale – 1 Month Later, What changed?

It’s now over a month since our Russian Friends introduced the Battle Royale Game Mode for Skyforge. So let’s take a look how this game mode developed. And if it still is worth a shot. New Queue System At the… Continue Reading →

Demon Invasion – Corrupted Data

Since this Wednesday the Demons are invading Aelinar. So let’s take a look what changed during the 16. Invasion. New Prestige Level We get a new generation of gear, which means the highest generation gear is now 16 instead of… Continue Reading →

Community Watch #3

The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, link and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered the past week or would otherwise go unnoticed. Skyforge Selfie Skyforge subreddit user Ingvevyr shared are… Continue Reading →

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