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The Evil Pumpkin Festival – Horror and Suffering

It is the end of October, so in almost every game in existence an Halloween Events pops up. That also counts for Skyforge with its Evil Pumpkin Festival, which will last until November 9th. So we take a look at… Continue Reading →

How to get Argents

The blue cristals called Argents are the premium currency in Skyforge which allow you to buy additional Victor Medals and Packs which grant you additional progress and rewards in the game. With this little guide we take a more detailed… Continue Reading →

Skyforge Battle Royale – What can you expect?

Before we start into the topic I must make a confession: I never played one of the recent Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite. So it is for me impossible to compare Skyforges new Battle Royale game mode with… Continue Reading →

Progression in Skyforge – You are in for the long haul!

With The Basics-Guide we looked into how several perks and bonuses aren’t factored into your Prestige Level and grant you an advantage in PvE.  Now we take a look into the Prestige Level and how to outrun the Scaling System… Continue Reading →

Grovewalker – Get Groovy

What can you expect from a class guide? Basically gear doesn’t matter that much in Skyforge. Which means we will take a look into the interactions of the skills and abilities of a class and try to figure out what… Continue Reading →

Community Watch #2

The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, link and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered the past week or would otherwise go unnoticed. Twitch Streamers As some of you probably noticed… Continue Reading →

The Adept System – Skyforges Jehovas Witnesses

The Adept System supplies us with Credits, Relics and Adepts itself. But most importantly we get Faith from it to activate our Divine Form. Today we take a closer look what makes it tick and how you can utilize it… Continue Reading →

The Basics – How to Suck less

If you are a new player or returning player you are probably wondering: “Why do I suck so hard in this game?”. And the answer to this question is within this Guide for you, to teach you a bit about… Continue Reading →

War Games – decent event with some flaws

This is a small guide for people that experience the War Games Event (and it’s bugs) the first time. Getting started The Event started at 23. of May and will continue on to 5. of June. To start the event… Continue Reading →

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