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Battle Royale

Skyforge Battle Royale – 1 Month Later, What changed?

It’s now over a month since our Russian Friends introduced the Battle Royale Game Mode for Skyforge. So let’s take a look how this game mode developed. And if it still is worth a shot. New Queue System At the… Continue Reading →

Skyforge Battle Royale – What can you expect?

Before we start into the topic I must make a confession: I never played one of the recent Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite. So it is for me impossible to compare Skyforges new Battle Royale game mode with… Continue Reading →

Community Watch #6 – Summer Summary

The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, links and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered by in the past or would otherwise go unnoticed. I was in Vacation-Mode. Too sunny and… Continue Reading →

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