In the Pantheon Spotlight the members of a Pantheon have the chance to represent themself and their Pantheon and answer us some questions.

How was your Pantheon founded?

Coming from a different pantheon, I started to slowly realize that the morals of that pantheon were the reason why skyforge was falling apart. After some hard thinking and some careful consideration, I decided that leaving was in the best interest and found a pantheon that was based off the principles that the older one didn’t have. Which were: fairness to ALL members, working as a whole team, not clicks within clicks, and making sure to lead by example and not lead with hypocrisy.

Ultima Cavalry and its Members

What does your Pantheons name mean and what message do you wish to convey with it?

Ultima Cavlary means a community assembled to be the strongest teams in game and be able to reflect and overcome any obstacles that may come our way. We ourselves are the cavalry we come to the aid of others. We teach others those same principles, whilst staying united because our strength comes from each other, not a sole player or member.

What can other players expect from your pantheon?

A helpful environment and a family vibe that will help you grind with you to achieve success in the game and have a fun time while doing it. Also, having no elitist mentality whatsoever amongst our members. Not being judged off your stats, but off of what you bring to the table and if you’re a good person, not just a good player.

If you could name your temple what would you name it and why?

Henosis temple because it is the classical Greek term for mystical “unity” “oneness” and “union.”

If your Pantheon could be an animal what would it be and why?

They are like Bears!

We are bears. Symbols of strength, courage and tenacity. It represents a gentle friendship and a docile follower in camouflage.

What are the goals of your pantheon?

We build rebuild newer members in skyforge, we redesign older members and we’re attempting to reclaim skyforge for all members to help them remember why they started playing this game and while doing that, still treating everyone fairly and with the same respect.

Who may other players contact if they wish to join?

DREDAYSUU ; ShugarBee ; J_goodall ; Confinment99 ; XBattedPondx ; PiperWinters ; Williamj474 ; TX_Blizzard

Any final comments?

All gamers of any level of experience are welcome to become apart of the UC family. Divided We Fall.

Thanks to Ultima Cavalry for participating in the Pantheon Spotlight. If you and your Pantheon also want to be part of the Spotlight just send me a message through the Contact Form. 🙂