In the Pantheon Spotlight the members of a Pantheon have the chance to represent themself and their Pantheon and answer us some questions. Today the Leader –Celli Motion– will tell us a bit about his Pantheon.

How was your Pantheon founded?

I’ve entered the game in September 2015 and after joining a little pantheon for 1 month i decided to create my own pantheon in november. We startet with 3 member and killed our first distortion after 1 month.

What does the name of your Pantheon mean and what message do you want to convey through your name?

You should not listen to others so often, just listen to yourself.

What can other players expect from your Pantheon?

We are very helpful for higher and lower player and have a very large playerbase but we are still familiar.

If you could name your Temple, what name would you give it and why?

Free for all. Anyone can join who can behave sensibly and within and outside the pantheon not negatively noticeable.

If your Pantheon could be an animal, which would it be?

Penguin, because we stay together for along time and we are many people :p

What are the goals of your Pantheon?

To keep our playerbase active and give more players the motivation to play the game.

Who may other players contact if they want to join your Pantheon?

Other players can contact me ([EG]Celli Motion) or my commanders Helmut Braunwald, Sam Witwicky, Lotte Liese, Hotaru Sue, Elder Devil, Bomar Jon and Oxy Gene.

Any final comments?

It was an honor to answer the questions.

Thanks a lot to Celli Motion for taking part in this Week Pantheon Spotlight. If you are also interested that your Pantheon takes part in one, just send me a message through the Contact Form.