In the Pantheon Spotlight the members of a Pantheon have the chance to represent themself and their Pantheon and answer us some questions.

Members of Misfits

How was your Pantheon founded?

Pantheon was created when an Hiatus in Excessum Pantheon made a couple players quit and some others to leave on their own and then Misfits was created.

What message do you want to convey with your name?

The purpose of the Pantheon is to welcome anyone who doesn’t fit in anywhere else. We don’t have taxes and strict orders. It is more of a community that tries to grow and it’s working.

What can other players expect from your Pantheon?

Becoming better, we have some of the best players left in the game here that are available to train others.

Which of the (real or fictional) Pantheons do you imagine comes the closest to yours?

Excessum and Ambitious in terms of player activity and willpower.

What name would you give your own Temple?

Mika’s groupie Haven 😛  (for obvious reasons)

Type “positive character traits of goats” in google

If your Pantheon would be an animal, which would it be?

A goat, definately!

What are the goals of your Pantheon?

Being the best of the best at everything the game throws us and growing as a community.

Who may other players contact if they want to join your Pantheon?

Mikariyu Senpai and Ball Crusher

Any final comments?

Was that it?

Thanks to Mikariyu from the Pantheon Misfits for participating in the Pantheon Spotlight. If you and your Pantheon also want to be part of the Spotlight just send me a message through the Contact Form. 🙂