With The Basics-Guide we looked into how several perks and bonuses aren’t factored into your Prestige Level and grant you an advantage in PvE.  Now we take a look into the Prestige Level and how to outrun the Scaling System of Skyforge. The following part has Math in it. You are be warned.

How does Prestige work?

Prestige is a Level. And Prestige Points are in essence their XP. The Prestige Points are calculated as follow: Might x (average multiplier of gear) = Prestige Points.

For example, if you got a character with 400,000 Might and your gear says x7,500 maximum health, x8,000 main damage ,x9,000 critical damage and x10,000 companion damage: 7,500+8,000+9,000+10,000=34,500 divided by 4 = 8,625 average multiplier. And now you just multiply the Might: 400,000 x 8,625 = 3,450,000,000 Prestige Points (or PP for short).

As I said, these are essentially the XP for the Prestige Level. How much PP translate into actual Prestige Level can be seen in this handy little chart the User Master Reden made: To the Prestige Chart

In our example we would be at Prestige Level 171.

Why should I gain Prestige?

As long as you are in the Warm Up Area of the game your Prestige Level is scaled up to the required Level. At the time of writing this Guide this would be Prestige Level 180 which translates into 830,000 Might and x9451 multiplier in any of the four categories. As long you are not above the Warm Up Prestige you should gain the Perks, Symbols and Bonuses we talked about in “The Basics – How to Suck less” to make your daily activity in Skyforge easier. As soon as you got most Perks there you need to gain Prestige to access different parts of the game.

Skyforges Endgame

True Endgame for any MMO is hard to achive because Players have a different understanding of what Endgames consists of. So it is more like an Area with different game modes and activities. In Skyforge this would be clearly Distortions, Champion Avatar, PvP and Challenge/Nightmare Mode for the prior Warm Up Dungeons.

The main reason this is Endgame Area is that it is not scaled. Which mean you can enter Distortions and the Champion Avatar but will get wrecked by way too strong monsters if you don’t match their Prestige (or you are not carried). In the case of Challenge/Nightmare Mode you can’t access them until you get to the required Prestige. For PvP it depends, some PvP Modes are scaled (like Battle of the Equals) some are not. So if you choose the wrong PvP Mode you get instantly killed by way higher Prestige Players.

How to progress?

Graph to visualize the overall progression

As said, the Prestige Level is a combination of Might and Multiplier on Gear. To gain Might is often a slow process. So we can first take a look if fully upgraded gear will lift you beyond the needed Prestige Level (190). The current Generation 14 Gear provides x3,600 this is multiplied by 4 and you get the current maximum of x14,400 multiplier. For future invasions you normally get this value (x3,600) by simply looking  at players with the “Elder God” Title.

Now we divide the needed Prestige Points through the x14,400 and we get the Might we need to go into the Endgame Area, which is as date of writing this Guide Prestige Level 190. It is a which is whopping 613,195 Might for the current Mechanoid Invasion. That means if your Might is below that amount you don’t even need to invest Credits into your gear to upgrade it in Quality and Generation, because each Invasion (around every 8 Weeks) the Generation of Gear Increases by 1 which pushes the maximum Prestige around 10 Levels up and basically destroys your whole progression.

How much Might can you get?

Now we take a look at Might. There are essentially four ways to get Might.

  • Bastions, 8 Provinces have each a Bastion, each Bastion grants at maximum 30,000 Might (240,000 max)
  • Cathedrale, which provides for each follower 1 might and can hold at maximum 250,000 followers
  • Tower of Knowledge, which provides Might depending on its Level, the current maximum Might is unknown. So we will take the old maximum Level which is 150 and provides 207,000 Might
  • Trophies, these provide only a small amount of Might by themself but add up a percentage based Might gain on Bastions, Cathedrale and Tower of Knowledge

The whole Might Progression is a bit backwards in Skyforge. You gain the first few levels only very little Might and on later Levels even more. For example, you increase Might gain for Bastions by doing Quests for a specific Bastion. At the beginning the Might gain per solved Quest is small, like 50 Might. But later in it gets up to 200 Might per Quest.

Similar behavior is seen with the Cathedrale and Tower of Knowledge. But these two have another problem. They have a daily cap. Basically you can push a button on the Tower of Knowledge and Cathedrale to invest different resources to increase the Might gain. Both are limited to 5 clicks. After this you need to pay Stimulants to invest further into these two Buildings. The only exception is the Cathedrale for the reason you can rescue NPC in Adventures and Region Maps which grant 1 or 5 additional followers. But this process is very tidious and also limited. You only gain followers by the first 100 rescued NPCs. Nice feature but nothing you can rely on to get a lot more Might out of the Cathedrale.

What about the Trophies?

The Trophies are a whole different Story. For each of the Buildings (Bastion, Cathedrale and Tower of Knowledge) you can own 5 Trophies. The Trophies have 6 Levels. Each Level increases the Might by 100 and also percentage wise. They also cost Victor’s Medals  to upgrade.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
+2% Might +2% Might +3% Might +3% Might +3% Might +3% Might
2,000 Victor’s Medals 6,000 Victor’s Medals 12,000 Victor’s Medals 20,000 Victor’s Medals 20,000 Victor’s Medals 20,000 Victor’s Medals

That means you have 15 Trophies in total for the Might. The Base Might (100 per Level) would be in total 9,000 Might and the percentage based increase is 80% on the specific Building:

  • Cathedrale: +200,000 Might
  • Bastion: +192,000 Might
  • Tower of Knowledge: +165,600 Might

In total 566,600 Might, which means with the Buildings that grant 697,000 Might we have a maximum of  around 1,263,600 (this is the Gen13 value, because we don’t know the Gen14 value of the Tower of Knowledge we can only assume the new maximum Might).

That also means around 45% of the total Might is hold by Trophies. And to get all Trophies you need to pay 1,200,000 Victor’s Medals. Luckily there are every 1-2 month sales that halfs the costs of the first 5 levels which mean at worst you need only to pay 750,000 Victor’s Medals.

How to get might fast?

Luckily there are Directives. These are daily quests (5-7) which grant on total completion Items which increase your overal Might Gain on the Bastion, Tower of Knowledge or Cathedrale. This is the basic CATCH UP Mechanic of Skyforge. Sadly it ends very early on. Bastions catch up ends at around 20,000 Might per Bastion (160,000 Might), Tower of Knowledge Level 140 (around 180,000 Might) and 170,000 followers for your Cathedrale which means you only get via the Catch Up mechanic to 510,000 Might which is not enough to get you to the Endgame Area of the game.

Victor’s Medals (or short VM) are a scarce reward. You get them from Directives, but only 200 per Day. But you can also buy them via Argents. You can earn 500 Argents by the Training Avatar Quest granted Thursday and Sunday, which are 1,000 Argents base income, which translates to 400 VMs. Plus the daily 200 VMS you earn 1,800 on a weekly basis which doesn’t include VMs from Chests, Events, Training Ground Inga or bought through Argents which you can also earn in the game through other means.

If we are generous and say it is 5 times as high = 9,000 VMs per Week, it would still take you around 84 Weeks or 588 Days to get all the Trophie upgrades and even if we ignore the 6th Level which is never on discount it would still take 50 Weeks, almost a year, to aquire the necessary Trophies. 1 Year constantly playing Skyforge. And that doesn’t take into account that VMs are also needed to unlock companion skills, mount abilities, Hall of Travels and several other perks in the game.

But wait, there is more!

1 Year of Skyforge doesn’t sound bad. It has nice graphics, a decent combat system and small but nice community. Now imagine this. Every Invasion, every 8 weeks, the Prestige Level is raised. That means new gear to aquire but also the Might gain from the base buildings is raised and also the overall Trophy Level can increase.

If we now look into the 8 Week cycle of the Invasion that means within one year we have 6-7 Invasions, which means an Prestige increase of 60 to 70 Levels…

…so as the title says: You are in for the long haul!