We will have today something easy. A poll! Why? Because as I searched through the WordPress Plugin Site to find something salvagable for my blog to enhance it further I thought to myself “A Poll Plugin could be useful for the future.” and as you should know: The Future Is Now!

Also my blog is a hobby, the time for my hobbies is quite limited and considering that essentially no one posts comments under my blog posts, with the only exception of Ishul Rogudask which is the reason he is my most favorite reader now, I was like: “I could try to make a Poll instead of asking people to comment and not getting answers from them.

So there we have the reason for this Poll:

But because I am a jerk this Poll will have literally no impact on my next class guide which is currently in the making and will feature the Grovewalker (release will be soon™) and will be considered for the class guides following the Grovewalker. So have fun.