In the Pantheon Spotlight the members of a Pantheon have the chance to represent themself and their Pantheon and answer us some questions. Today the Leader of Exmortis -[EG]Nova Char- will tell us a bit about his Pantheon.

How was your Pantheon founded?

The symbol of Exmortis

Exmortis was founded by a group of friends (myself included) who constantly moved from one pantheon to another and never really found a home, we wanted it to be a place where all players, casual or not, can find what they’re looking for. Initially we struggled to find likeminded people however, so the first few months were rough.


What does your Pantheons name mean and what message do you wish to convey with it?

The name literally translates “Of Death” but we like to be a little more liberal with it, and treat it’s meaining as “The Arisen” or “The ones that conquered death“.


What can other players expect from your Pantheon?

If I may quote the rather famous character from an equally famous book “Help will always be given at Exmortis to those who ask for it“. This is also true for players outside of the Pantheon. We help out when we can.


If you could name your Temple what would you name it and why?

Atoma, a losse translation of which would be “Unbreakable Union“, I feel it sums up our goals and ideals.

“Don’t quack like a duck, soar like an eagle”


If your Pantheon could be an animal what would it be and why?

An Eagle, noble, proud and free, perhaps too much some times.



What are the goals of your Pantheon?

The driving principle that we try to uphold in Exmortis is unity and collectivism, not just as a Pantheon, but also as a part of the overal game community. Our goal is to contribute as much as we can to a more positive and healthy community.


Who may other players contact if they wish to join?

Players who wish to join Exmortis may contact [EG]Nova Char, Roi Soterios, or Dronex Livestronger.


Any final comments?

Our doors are always open.

Thanks to [EG]Nova Char for participating in the Pantheon Spotlight. If you and your Pantheon also want to be part of the Spotlight just send me a message through the Contact Form. 🙂