This is a mini series where I vent my frustration about the bullshit Skyforges pulls on it’s players and why it probably has such a low player count since the Ascencion Apocalpyse and never recovered from it. is the newest addition to’s shop. You basically buy something in their shop and in addition you get MyCoins which are payback currency. The nice thing is you can use the currency across all their games to purchase items in the Payback Area.

Sadly, all you can buy with the MyCoins are Lootboxes. Yep, you read right. Lootboxes. That thing, no one wants because you never get what you want and usually spend a fortune for trying it.

My.Com-Staff doesn’t know how their Items work

Old descripton of Data Extractors on the site

But it gets worse. In an attempt to test out how it works (and because I am an easy target for gambling) I wanted to purchase some Items directly. So I got myself a 10 € Paysafe Card and purchased myself a few days of Premium, which currently grant way more My.Coins than all the other items in their shop. At the end I had enough money left to buy a Box which includes 4 Data Extractor Pack, because I was like “I want the maxed out Treewang’s Idol Artifact, which seems now mandatory in PvP“.

The description at the bottom said “One purchase is enough to gain 1,000 Intelligence Data”. But strangely I only got 100 Data Extractors. For the unknown reader: If a Boss drops Intelligence Data  while you own Data Extractors  you get additional Intelligence Data. How much? 10 times the amount! So if a Boss drops 3 Intelligence Data  you will get instead 30 with the Data Extractors

But it uses up 27 of your Data Extractors to fill the gap (3 + 27 =30). So with 100 Data Extractors you only get additional 100 Intelligence Data. Considering now that the price for the Box of Data Extractors costs 2,99 € I was like: Must be a typo at the start with the 100 Data Extractors because 2,99 € is extremly expensive for such kind of item in Skyforge (only 396,000 Credits worth)

But after the purchase I was left with only 100 Data Extractors. So I was going to Support.

Clueless Support

Normally I don’t RANT about the Skyforge Support, because they are fast and so far could always solve my request. Also I worked personally in a several support hotlines, so I know these guys only following orders. But this encounter was just plain stupid. Basically I wanted the remaining 900 Data Extractors. Why? Because it was forking expensive! But no, they claimed the item I purchased worked as intended and with 100 Data Extractors I would get 1,000 additional Intelligence Datas.

It took me literally days to explained to them how this items they sell works, but they where pretty stubborn and said I would get 1,000 Intelligence Data with 100 Data Extractor and said “we can’t give you additional Data Extractors“. In the meantime I contacted the Community Manager Kaeden and explained that the description on the Site is wrong. He investigated it and came with his team to the conclusion (like 45 minutes later) that the description must be changed to be not that misleading.

I got to support and explained: “Hey, even your Community Manager says it is misleading, can I have now please my additional 900 Data Extractors? ” Aaaaaaaaaaaand they closed the Ticket.

*please play video to see my reaction*


Support being Support

Of course they left a closing statement which I want to show you. Seriously. They still say the item works as advertised. While I talked with a CM via Discord and he came to the conclusion it is misleading. So that is what you get as a PAYING customer. I mean, they could have refunded it at least or some other form of compensation… but no.

You get nothing.