As you most likely noticed the Pythonides Invasion is over which probably ended because the Avatar wasn’t watering his troops properly and didn’t talk or sing to them. Now is the time that the Mechanoids take a swing at Aelinar which where probably triggered of all the god damn new privacy policy bullshit accross the web.

So what changed, what is to take care of and what can you gain?

New Shiny

The avatar of all rubik cubes

With the new invasion there is a new Generation of Gear to get. Which means, your Mythic Gen13 Gear is sooo last invasion. Generation 14 is the new and hot shit you want to get between your fingers. What are the requirments?

You need to about 190+ Prestige to get Generation 14 Gear Drops from the Adventures.

New Limitations

Other than that the might Limit has increased. While Bastion and Cathedrale stay the same, the Tower Of Knowledge max level got increased by 20. While before it was max 150 with

Trying to Catch Up

With the new Invasion the Catch Up System also known as Daily Directives re-evaluates your current progression and will reward you a bit differently which also ties into the raised limit of the Tower of Knowledge. Which means the re-evaluated Catch Up System brings you to Tower of Knowledge level 140, Cathedrale 175,000 followers and second to last symbol in each bastion.

Superiority Complex

Combat Superiority is relativly unknown for a lot of new player. You find it only in Capital Menu in Flavius Laboratory where you find the perks we talked about [The Basics] Guide. If you now kill special troops in Invasion Maps (for example: Lending A Hand, called LAH in the ingame chat) they have a chance to drop Combat Superiority. There is a daily limit of 2% which rises each day, so you don’t miss out on it if you miss one day because of your tight working schedule.

Combat Superiority then provides you with additional damage against Mechanoids in Invasion Maps and against their Avatar. But it will be reset after the invasion. So it will only be good if you plan to take part in the invasion.

That’s all for today, I wish you a nice weekend of wrecking mechanoids.