The blue cristals called Argents are the premium currency in Skyforge which allow you to buy additional Victor Medals and Packs which grant you additional progress and rewards in the game. With this little guide we take a more detailed look at them and how you get your hands on some.

Buying Argents – GIVE ME MONEY!

Let us first take a look at the easiest way to get Argents, by buying them. I personally don’t recommend it, but I want to take a look at it so you get an idea how much Argents are actually worth within the game.

Let us first compare the price of Argents across all Platforms:

Xbox / Playstation PC
Argents  Euro Argents Euro Bonus Argents
105.000   99,99 € 105.000  89,99 € 25.800
50.000   49,99 € 50.000  44,99 € 10.400
24.000   24,99 € 24.500  22,99 € 4.250
11.750   12,99 € 12.025  12,99 € 1.500
6.000   6,99 € 6.650  6,99 € 500
2.500   2,99 € 2.775  2,99 € 100

As you can see, while prices on the Xbox and Playstation are exactly the same on PC you get more Argents and later on pay also less for more or the same amount. I also displayed the Bonus Argents from PC, because it is important to note: There are no Bonus Argents. You always get the Argents displayed. It is a marketing ploy.

Honestly, I am not really familiar with Xbox and Playstation Market because I never owned a console but I assume you get less for your money on both consoles because of the Platform itself, like somekind of fee applied to to make the purchase similar to games on Steam.

On average you get 935 Argents for 1 € on consoles while you get 1.025 Argents for 1 € on PC. The only means to push it on PC is by purchasing Argents on a special offer where you get 20% more Argents.

Training Avatar – Bullying the little Kid

Another source to get Argents is by killing the Training Avatar of the current Invasion. A Training Avatar is a basically the same as the Champion Avatar but much easier to finish, so new player can learn the mechanics behind it before they throw themself later on the real deal. Each Thursday and Sunday you get an additional Directive (Daily Quest) to kill the Training Avatar which grants you 500 . So you have basically a save income of 1.000 per week.

But “save” is kinda subjective because the Training Avatars have all a different difficulty to complete depending on their mechanics and especially bugs. I asked the Elder Guardians of the Official Skyforge Discord to give me a rough order of the Training Avatars, from easiest to difficults and it boils down to this:

Tol Monter → Machavann → Integrator → Thanatos → Akonita → Nihaz

I only played against Machavann, Integrator and Akonita. While Machavann and Integrator are like walk in the Park after your first few matches, Akonita seems a totally different number. So it is the best to build a Team with your Pantheon and kick the Training Avatars butt to get on the Argents.


If you are placed higher you get additional Argents

From time to time you can participate in Operations. Operations are active for around two weeks and have 8 stages. In each stage you are pitched together with up to 15 other players, but it can also be less.

During that time you gain a special Operation currency called Jetson  for playing regular PvE Missions (excluding Regions and PvP Mission). Some Missions are marked with a special icon , which award you more Jetson.

The Operation awards you for your personal progress and total progress (within the Operation Group) with Credits  and Knowledge of Enemies  . But you can also be rewarded with Argents if you are ranked high enough in your Operation Group. The amount depends a from the current stage of the overall Operation:

Support Operation Safety Operation Scouting Operation Combat Operation Specially Dangerous Operation Special Operation Operation of Special Importance Operation of Utmost Importance
100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500
Promotions – Decent Rewards for the litte player

Promotions or from the community named 9-Events are relativly frequent in Skyforge. All you must do is paying 5,000 Credits and after 8 Hours you get an random reward and gain a certain amount of Progress Points within the current Promotion. You can speed it up by killing bosses in Skyforge which grant you Intelligence Data to instantly get the rewards and with Data Extractors you can speed up the process.

Besides the 30,000 Argent Jackpot you get a lot of other decent Rewards from Promotions

Within the rewards are often Consumeables like Health Potions, Re-Animators, etc. but also Credits, Knowledge of Enemies and Victor’s Medals. You also get the chance each time for one of three Premium Rewards:

  • 10,000,000 Credits
  • 500 Progress Points within the Promotion
  • 30,000 Argents !

It is quite rare, but from my personal experience I already got few Premium Rewards even if it was only Progress Points or Credits. But you should participate in a Promotion, because they give overall really good rewards. But don’t spend money on it, just see how far you can get.

Mythical Chests – Epic Chest, epic rewards

You always get these small mysterious chests. These have a chance to upgrade to an ancient chest and these have the chance to upgrade to a Mythical Chest and within a Mythical Chest you have the very slim chance to get up to 1,500 Argents.

Other ways to get Mythical Chests is by map fragments which you can get from various sources and if you get 10 map fragments you get a chest. Also you get a Mythical Chest from a Training Avatar as Dungeon/Mission reward.

King’s Ransom – They try to steal your hard earned Argents

For around 100-200 Argents you can get a reward that ranges from a temporary legendary weapon to a permanent legendary weapon, but you also has the chance of winning the Argent Jackpot which ranges from 60,000 – 600,000 Argents.


I am serious on that. Don’t put Argents into this Slot Machine. The chance of getting anything worthwhile out of it is very slim. You will lose all your hard earned Argents so stay away from the King’s Ransom!

That’s currently all available methods of getting Argents within the game. There was the possibility in the past to exchange Credits for Argents, but it was patched out and only the UI element remains.