It is the end of October, so in almost every game in existence an Halloween Events pops up. That also counts for Skyforge with its Evil Pumpkin Festival, which will last until November 9th. So we take a look at the Event and whats make it special.

Let the horror begin

If you are close to a Candy Cache the Radar will appear around your character

The Event activities are riding on a broomstick in the Park Area of the game during special Event hours (12:00 – 13:00 and 18:00 – 22:00). Every five second you ride the broomstick you get 25 Candies  and after a full minute the daily quest is fulfilled. But beware, other player can solve the daily quest by kicking you from the broomstick by throwing giant pumpkins at you. They also get rewards but they are much smaller than riding on the broomstick.

In all honesty: I HATE the broomstick race. It is time gated to specific hours of the day. And hitting someone on the broomstick with a pumpkin feels awful. But it seems the best way to get the Candies, because the other option is even worse.

The Candy Bandit

During Adventures the Candy Bandit invade you multiple times. The Candy Bandit is a a regular four health bar that drops 30-100 Candies  on defeat and Candy Wrapper . The problem comes with scaling. While he is easy to defeat in Squad Adventures, he is extremly difficult in Group Adventures. I can only speak from personal experience. One time a Candy Bandit spawned at the start of an Boss fight and we killed the regular Boss with excess AOE damage before the Candy Bandit, while we focused our whole DPS on the Candy Bandit.

So something is clearly wrong with the Candy Bandit and it’s scaling. Luckily you can opt out of the Candy Bandit fights if you purchased an Candy Bandit Talisman , but if you are in a group ALL members need one of those.

If you have 10 Candy Wrapper  you can use it to discover an Bandit Cache in the Park of Aelion. Awarding you different amounts of Candy or special variations of the existing Halloween Event Costumes.

The Event Currency – Candies (and Diabetes)

Like in former Events you have set up an Holiday Shop within the Market in the Game. The shop offers various Halloween costumes. But also emotes, fireworks and chests. I personally can’t recommend the Omnious Chest. The main reason is it costs 250 Argents  and the second the Description is very misleading, with possible but not guranteed drops at the top and the regular drop explained below.

Basically the Omnious Chest awards you with around 10-16 Ghostly Threads in addition you can get cosmetic items only awarded through this chest and later you can buy a Pirate Costume or Omnious Wings with the 800 Ghostly Threads but it is not clearly stated if this process is random or not.

What you can also spend your hard earned Argents on are Candy Replicator  which work just like Data Extractors for Promo-Events only just for Candy.