up to 50% reduced upgrade costs

It is time again for another Hall Of Trophy sale! So get your Victor Medals ready for 33% and 50% less upgrade costs for your shiny trophies!

How long the Sale will last is not exactly known because there is no official announcement from our russian friends over at Allods Team. So hopefully it isn’t an accident that someone pushed a button while drunk on Vodka.

But some player suggest it will last this week and will probably over at Monday, but nothing is currently confirmed and the Community Managers still try to get information about this.

Update 2: [CM]Killshift put out a news that the Sale will last until 5th of June.

Also unknown is if this sale is PC only or also happens over in console land. So if one of our rare console brother and sister are reading this, please comment down below if you experience currently an sale on Trophies on your Server.

easier way to find the trophies granting might is to go into the related sub menu

Aside from that, the Sale is always a good opportunity to up your might. Especially beginner should invest in the Trophies for the Tower of Knowledge, Bastion and Cathedrale to gain more of it, considering 45% of the maximum might a character can currently inherit only comes from trophies.

UPDATE 1: There is currently a bug ongoing (a bug in Skyforge? Unheard of!). Often it will show an incorrect offer like -33% and if you click on the trophy just before you upgrade it, it will show you the correct offer -50%, so you need to take a closer look on what it will cost you.