What can you expect from a class guide? Basically gear doesn’t matter that much in Skyforge. Which means we will take a look into the interactions of the skills and abilities of a class and try to figure out what makes it *tick* so you will be able to perform in a decent manner.

One of the latest classes which got released is the Grovewalker. Is this new tank class worth your time or your Argents, Money or Sparks? We will take a look at it.

Grovewalker Skill-Set
Sowing Blooming Breath of the Forest Nature’s Forest Tessa’s Call One with Nature Morph Living Armor Astraea’s Wrath
Phytoform / Living Armor


Deadly Thorns

Shield of Thorns

Piercing Strike

Living Missile

Touch of Live

Reverse Living Armor

Power of a Grovewalker

Resource Managment

None of your Grovewalker Skills need the basic resource, they generate it. I looked around in the game, asked players but the resource has no name to it. So for the now following guide I name it just Energy. The Energy has a maximum of 100.

Only two to three skills can fill your Energybar while in your regular form. One is your Left-Click skill called [Sowing] which will grant you like 5 Energy every 2-3 attacks which is extremly slow. But you also have [Breath of the Forest] which is a skill channeling for around 6 seconds a green energybeam and can hit a target every 0.5 seconds and if it hits a target it generates 5 Energy for you which means it can grant you up to 60 Energy in total.

The only other way to get Energy is by using your Finisher called [Astraea’s Wrath] which impales the target and grants your 50 Energy.

Another mechanic to gain more energy is by growing a flower. But more about this later.

What to do with all the Energy? – Class Mechanic

You need the maximum of 100 Energy to activate your Ultimate Skill called [Morph Living Armor] by that you enter your Phytoform which offers you a new Skill-Set and makes the Grovewalker totally overpowered.

The Phytoform consumes constantly Energy. I observed it is 5 Energy every 2 seconds. Which makes this form last for around 40 seconds, but you must reduce this time a bit because while you cast it and the transformation animation is holding you into place and you can do nothing it already starts to consume a bit of energy. So it is more like 30-38 seconds.

Also the various skills consume different amounts of Energy. The main problem with skills like [Throw] (Left-Click Attack) and [Deadly Thorns] is to determine how much Energy they consume. It is not noted down in the game and sometimes it consumes per hit 5 energy, but also sometimes not.

Getting rid of the Phytoform grants a shield

But still this form is King because you have with [Touch of Live] a very potent healing skill on your hand which can you bring from near death up to full health. The buff also transitions from your Phytoform to your normal form. Other than that you have with [Shield of Thorns] a nice skill which reflects damage and help you to keep aggro, while [Piercing Strike] is an ranged attack and knock enemy units with only one health bar down.

In my personal opinion [Living Missile] can be neglected because it uses up too much of your precious energy for the damage it will deal. Other than that you will always want to use your Right-Click Skill [Deadly Thorns] to make a an AOE spin attack that deals a lot of damage: Spin to win!

That’s not even the best of this form. You can end it willingly by using the Ultimate Skill again but I don’t see a reason why you want to by all the good stuff you get. And if the form ends you gain a huge shield which will last for 20 seconds or until it is used up, but it is so strong you will find yourself often that the buff runs out of time instead it was broken.

Basic Grovewalker Mechanic – All about the Butts… err Buds

Let the Desert bloom again

The energy generating skills [Sowing] and [Breath of the Forest] generate small plant buds that land on the ground. With your Right-Click skill [Blooming] you throw a big energy orb around like a ball which in the end explodes. If the energy orb comes close to the buds or explodes in radius to the buds they will bloom to beautifull plant like auto-turrets attacking monsters in reach around them, also each of the cast flower turrets grant you up to 5 energy, that doesn’t sound much, but because you constantly spawn buds it is very easy to activate like 4+ plant turrets at once, which nets you in total 20+ energy.

With the skill [Tessa’s Call] they will glow red and shoot way more often. The plant turrets will stay for around 15 seconds until they die off. But you can prevent this from happening by using your skill [Morph Living Armor] which forces them to stay as long as you are in the Phytoform. You can also use [Tessa’s Call] again to let them explode and deal more damage.

Other Good Stuff

The remaining two skills we didn’t talk about are [Nature’s Forest] and [One with Nature].

[Nature’s Forest] is a damage and also AOE skill. Basically you cast an avalance of thorny roots in one direction which deal damage and grabbing anything close to them. By grabbing them, monsters are immobilized and very rarely attack if at all.

[One with Nature] transforms you into the horror of anyone allergic to pollen and makes you immun against damage for 5 seconds while letting you move swiftly around as a cloud of pollen. Also the game often gives you a context option if you are under a controll effect to free yourself with [One with Nature].

Is the a9 skill worth getting?

I can’t tell. I don’t have it. It costs 10,000 a9 from Thea to unlock it. But I can tell what it does.

Instead of blowing your plant turrets up and they are gone, they disolve into a radicative puddle on the ground deal every second damage for a total of 12 seconds. I compared the damage numbers and it is around 1/3 of the damage per second your regular Right-Click skill [Blooming] deals. So on the paper it sounds like a great addition to the Grovewalker.

Bugs on my precious Plant!

What would Skyforge without Glitches, Bugs and wrong descriptions?

The Grovewalker Class has ingame some problems. One is that the whole description are really shallow and the description of the Left-Click and Right-Click Skill of your Phytoform is totally wrong. Basically [Throw] is just a jump attack which leads into single target hits while [Deadly Thorns] never changes and always does a whirlwind attack.

Another problem are the telegraphed AOE attacks like [Blooming], [Nature’s Forest] and the Buds. They will always stop at an ledge and never exceed further. So you can’t reach the worms Eternis and Kairax with such attacks putting you in a disadvantage in these kinds of activities. Also even some staircases and ramps will stop your attacks and not further progress on a different high level.

To deal additional damage if you blow up your plant turrets the monsters almost need to stay within the plant to get damage.

[One with Nature] is also triggered as context sensitive action if you disarm a Trophy Weapon, so be carefull by spamming it.

The Grovewalker is a tank but deals a lot of damage that you could mistake him easily for a damagedealer.