Veines before and during the invasion

As many of you know from the 14th of May until the 28th of May there where small event going on, the Great Mother Bounty Hunt. Basically our russian friends said if we kill a certain amount of Great Mothers that spawn in every now and then within the invaded Veines Region we get a nice costume and Aelis Blessing. And guess what, we won. The community did in fact so well that we exceeded the maximum amount of 2,800 dead Great Mothers way before the end of the event.

Who gets rewards?

The one being rewarded are only players that participated at least in one combat against a Great Mother and killed her during the event time.

What exactly are the rewards?

PC EU mopping the floor with the other Servers

The reward is [this dope costume] and Aelis Blessing which lasts until the 18th of June.

How does Aelis Blessing work?

Essential it is a downgraded version of the premium status. The amount of Credits you gain from Directives and Adventures is increased by 50% while the amount of Knowledge Of Enemies is increased by 40%. Drops within an Adventure are increased by 20% for both. It doesn’t multiply with the premium status, so it looks like this: 100% (Base) + 100% (Premium) + 50% (Aelis Blessing).

the arrow icon shows that Aelis Blessing is active for you

How do you feel about the event? Should they have increased the rewards as the mountain of dead bodies raised? Or are you fine as it was? Please comment down below.