I got a forum now. Some people may now ask: Why? The reason is: Skyforge doesn’t have currently forum. That’s right my ill informed little cookies. Skyforge doesn’t even have an Official Forum.

Well that’s not totally right. Skyforge does have an official forum which you can find here: Skyforge Forum

But the official forum is on read only since December 17th 2017 which means it is now over 6 month that there is no forum that can be used. It was announced there will be a new forum, but at this stage its like: Seriously? You can pay a someone to put an forum up there. It’s not that complicated. And if it really takes such a long time to make a new forum software you could have kept the old forum active.

What’s with the Skyforge Reddit?

Essentially it is dead. Well people read it and post sometimes on it, I do it myself by posting my Blog updates there, but it has literally no moderation. No one pins post (the current pinned post is over a year old). Deletes/Edits post. Set up flairs or does basics like putting a new banner up there or list usefull links on the side of the Sub-Reddit. Also, I personally see Reddit not as a classic forum.

The way to edit text or add some form of format to text feels like shit. The Karma system is like cancer which only lets you see popular Threads that can cover up the real interesting stuff and even without the Karma System the old threads are pushed backwards and aren’t properly categorized.

But what about the Discord?

The Party is on Discord!

The Discord is fine. If you aren’t part of the official Discord Server or doesn’t even know Discord you should try it out (Link: https://discord.gg/mk5g88X). You will find a lot of people on the official Skyforge Discord and they are very friendly, patient and helpful people. I don’t wanna miss it anymore. But also, Discord is not a forum. It offers different text rooms which are essentially chat rooms and some voice chats.

Where to find the Skyfork Forum?

You can find it here: https://Skyfork.000webhostapp.com/forum