Since this Wednesday the Demons are invading Aelinar. So let’s take a look what changed during the 16. Invasion.

New Prestige Level

Nihaz, the Avatar of the Demon Invasion

We get a new generation of gear, which means the highest generation gear is now 16 instead of formerly 15. Probably the easiest way to catch up on gear is playing the new Battle Royale Game Mode. The reason is you can earn Symbol of Glories Symbol of Glory to buy Royale Chests Royale Chest which grant up to Gen16 Gear, have a relativly high chance for mythical gear and also supply you with the necessary Credits to swap the Key Stats out.

The new maximum for followers in your Cathedrale is now 300,000 instead of 250,000 considering that the Level of Tower of Knowledge also increased from 150 to 200 we see an overall increase in might by 100,000 which makes with the existent Trophies a total of +180,000 Might Max.

That means the new maximum Prestige Level is 223.

Trying to Catch up

Because of the increase in Might the Catch up System will try now to get you to 225,000 Followers on the Cathedrale, Level 150 in Tower of Knowledge and second to last Symbol on Bastion until it spams you with deeds. Sadly no real improvement. If you are like me which is in some Limbo state where I need more Might to participate in the current invasion but is outside the Catch Up system, you will be left out of it. We probably will only have the chance to watch the Endgame Content on Crazy Pickles Youtube Channel (he will most likely make some Videos and Guides about it).

Special Rewards during Demon Invasion

The Avatar of the Demon Invasion is Nihaz and is considered by the Community one of the most difficult ones. But like any other Invasion killing the Avatar and clearing all Distortions rewards you with some special items you only get during this Invasion. Killing the Training Avatar can reward you with a special Halo and of course Avatar Fragments while killing the real deal (read Champion Avatar) can award a special Pegasus Combat Mount. For Killing the Champion Avatar and clearing all Distortions (which unlock over time during the Invasion Phase) can award special Wings.

Demonic Science – Flavius Lab

The Demons are the last faction that we can complete in Flavius Labratory. You should be able to unlock a node per day which means by the end of the Demon Invasion you should be able to unlock all Perks and finally complete Flavius Labratory.