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Roadmap 2018/2019

Our Roadmap for the upcoming months

Roadmap 2018/2019

The Content Drought has an End! Our beloved russian overlords decided that running in circles isn’t enough to keep us busy and posted a Roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2018. It is less a roadmap and more like an announcement of an big update split in half and released in December 2018 and February 2019. That means to mark it as a quarterly roadmap for the last quarter of 2018 makes no sense. Good Job Blogging-Guy,… good job.

The general theme of this big update is the exploration of space or more likely said the discovery of a new planet with its own faction.

December Updates 2018 – New Distortion, Class and Event

The Eternal (Brainbug) Mother of the Mantides

Considering how the different parts of each updates are displayed I personally imagine they come in two parts each. That means we will first get the Mantide Distortion and then our new and unexpected allies. This would be the first time we can combat the Mantides in a Distortion like Area, because the Mantides aren’t part of the Invasion Cycle. The reason for this is that the Mantides are a faction home to Aelion lead by the Mantide Goddess called Auria, the eternal mother. (Spoilers ahead)

In the lore of Skyforge it makes sense to combat the Mantides to discover new planets, because they tried to escape the planet with a giant spaceship. But luckily we stopped them escaping. So it will be probably a combat around this spaceship and it will be a hard fight, because Flavius Lab doesn’t support our characters with Perks against Mantides.

Unexpected Allies

Daft Punk + Heart Monitor = New Support Class?

Our unexpected allies are probably a new class. And if my guess is right it will be a support class. The reason for it is that in the Developer Q&A in June our russian friends said they would consider the communities feedback to make a new support class. And considering the design of our allies incorporates a lifeline like design from a heart monitor makes this almost certain for me. So get your Sparks ready!

Event Time on Thea

The last part of the December update displays an Event with the Thea Region Map Image. So it will be probably an Event on Thea. This makes sense for various reasons. The only other time we tried to get to Aelion was by going to the moon Thea. From a Science Fiction approach it makes also sense that moons are considered bridges to the stars. Also we probably will need the Isotope called Aelerium-9 to power the giant space ship and considering the the Mechanoids also have an base on Thea we will probably steal some of their Astronomy Data they gathered while being there.

February Updates 2019 – New Region, New Enemy Faction and reworked Adventures

DracosThe last part of this big update is released in February 2019. In that part we will discover the new planet and encounter our new sworn enemy. SPACE GECKOS!!! But seriously. I am interested why we fight them. I hope it is a more elaborated reason as “WE ARE EVIL SNEK MEN EATING YOUR CHILDREN!” kind of stuff.  I can only guess what we will get. But considering from the picture and the overall theme it will be probably a swamp- and a jungle-like themed Region map with probably 1-3 squad adventures, maybe 1-2 group adventures and hopefully 1 operation.

Other than that, I am hyped for the anounced changes of the existing adventures. Seriously, after playing for 6+ month Skyforge constantly I welcome any change to the current adventures. Even if it is so minute.

…other than that: IMMORTAL KOMBAT!

This week our russian friends also announced the first Gods of the Arena Event which will last from October 18th until November 22th. It is basically an extra PvP ladder you can apply on their special website (reads: retarded website. Seriously, why are such things not accessible via an NPC ingame like any other MMO?) and after the first match followed by a relogg you get directly a chest with 4,000 Argents put into your inventory.

After that you get additional rewards, which are currently not specified by their “special website” and I personally didn’t receive anything after the first match but there are clearly rewards announced as soon as the Event ends:

  • Top 100: Silver Aura +  Menar Mount
  • Top 10: Golden Aura + Albino Menar Mount

If you are interested in Skyforge PvP I personally would recommend to play during PvP Happy Hours to gain additional rewards.