The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, links and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered by in the past or would otherwise go unnoticed.

I was in Vacation-Mode. Too sunny and too hot to do stuff on the PC in my spare time. So welcome to the Summer Summary of the Community Watch. This post will cover the happenings in the Skyforge Bubble from 15.07.2018 to 31.08.2018.

Seal of Astral – Cash In for PvP Changes?

You could also Win a dope Mount

From July 18 to July 31 we had the 9-Event Seal of Astral. One of the rewards you definetly wanted is the maxed out Treewang Idol which was, after the recent PvP changes, a mandatory Artifact to have, because of it’s ability to block incoming damage after a certain HP threshold, grants you a gigantic shield, heals you up and get you on a mount-like-ability while mounts are forbidden in PvP. So you can run away while the Artifact heals you up and shortly re-enter the combat with almost full hitpoints while your enemy is worn out from your last encounter.

Skyforge Guardian – Competition, finally!

On July 25 a new Skyforge Blog joined the Aelinet: Skyforge Guardian

From what I can see the new Blog is created from a small group of Elder Guardians which origin from the official Skyforge Discord and is an extension of the old Skyforge Wiki and definitely worth a look.

Gorgonide Invasion – Snek Lady

On July 30 the new Invasion started. Now we are facing the Gorgonides. So for new players or player trapped in the Warm-Up Area not much changed. The Generation of Gear increased to 15. The new max. Prestige is now by 213. The only thing worth mentioning is the increased level for the Tower of Knowledge. Before it was 150 now it is 170.

Snek Lady Aconita is the Avatar of the Gorgonide Invasion

Other than that only the Distortions and Chava changed, but to access this area of the game or have at least a chance to complete this type of content you need at least 625,000 MIGHT and maxed out Generation 15 Gear. So if you have not at least this amount of Might you can’t hope to complete the content other than someone is carrying you through it.

The Gorgonides will stay with us until September 23, then the Demons will take over.

A bit also changed here on

You see now on the right side under “More” an RSS Feed of the official Skyforge Website and Skyforge Guardian. If you own an Blog around Skyforge please let me know and I can add you too to it. It is not meant to steal content, but to keep everything neatly together so people can find information around Skyforge easier.

Same goes for the left sidebar which includes now also Videos from Youtube. Currently only from Crazy Pickles but I hope in the future more Channels will be added.

Crazy Pickle Gaming – Youtube Channel

Crazy Pickle is a Youtuber which now creates Youtube Videos for Skyforge since over half a year. He creates Videoguides around Skyforge and shows us what’s going on in the endgame area of the game. You can also find an Video where he fights against the Avatar Aconita. Show him some love <3

Warm Breeze Event – Summer Event

From August 9 to August 26 was the Warm Breeze Event. It offered various cosmetic items and emotes which you could earn through an extra adventure: The Racing Track.

To feel the “Warm Breeze” you are introduced to a racing track. You can either participate Solo or against four other players. At the end you are rewarded with Sunny Coins which you can trade in the Holiday Shop for said cosmetic items and emotes.It was astonishing for me to see there is a racing track and so far a minigame about it, but in my personal opinion, it was not that not well executed, because it is a race on rails. The speed is set, the camera angles are set and your “only” job is to pass through the track. Which consists of evading obstacles and jump from track tile to track tile.

It could be really fun but if you hit an obstacle you instantly fall flat on your face and you are set back to the next Checkpoint. Also because of the changing camera angle which you have 0 controll over it was sometimes very hard for me to see some gaps in the racing track or judge the distance between different obstacles. Also for my personal taste the tracks felt too long. I would have liked more smaller racing tracks with more rounds instead one long racing track and only 1 round.

But overall it was a nice change of pace and I welcome the effort for more full-fledged event maps.

Japanese Skyforge Version

According to this website, Skyforge invaded Japan. Currently it is not released and you can only register for their closed Beta with no date released when the closed beta will start.

Skyforge Goes Battle Royale

To follow trends is always easier than to set trends on your own and this is probably the reason Skyforge goes Battle Royale on August 28. I know this sounds very sarcastic. But after the initial announcement which followed by a one page website where you could purchase two packages with stuff and not knowing how usefull they are at all, I couldn’t help it. Luckily there was a Blogpost on the official Skyforge Websites a few days later to explain more.

With the Battle Royale Mode our russian friends want to change things a bit up. Instead of fighting as god, we fight as their Adepts which have each their own class. In addition the terrain change over night and you can hunt monsters down to gain equipment. Considering that Skyforge has already a solid and fun action combat system with monsters dropping specific gear/weapons I personally can see this work. But to get sure I will also dip my toes into this new game mode and report later this month about it.

Battle Royale Discord Contest from September 1st to 3rd

Rules of the Contest

Now with Skyforges Battle Royale available the Elder Guardians from the official Skyforge Discord started also a Contest around this new game mode. If you are on the NA Server just smack the Elder Guardians face in as they will announce when they queue up for the Battle Royale Mode or create your own class in the Battle Royale Mode! You can win either an Alpha Pack or Phoenix Pack for the new Battle Royale mode.