The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, link and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered by my blog in the past week or would otherwise go unnoticed.

PvP Changes – Gods at War

Since Wednesday (July, 11th) the new PvP Update is on the Servers. That means the scaling System received an overhaul and we get now Happy Hours. The Happy Hours are the following:

Happy Hours, Every Day
14:00 to 15:00
17:00 to 18:00
20:00 to 22:00

During the Happy Hour you are rewarded an Battle Reward even if you lose the Match. If you queued during the Happy Hour and you get into a game outside the Happy Hour you still get the Battle Rewards.

But did it help the PvP in Skyforge?

Mandatory PvP Artifact

In some way, Yes. The queues pop up way more frequent during Happy Hour. In my experience instantly or like 1-2 minutes after I queued up. While in the match the other players where scaled like me. But it seems all other perks, like from the Elder Gods and the Key Stats from Gear are still active, putting anyone missing these perks in a disadvantage, but it isn’t too hard or unfair if the Matchmaking don’t screw up and puts a team full of Elder Gods against Junior Gods.

Another thing seems unfair. It is called Treewangs Idol, which is an Artifact which in essense grants you a second life and grants yourself mount speed while mounts in the PvP Modes are deactivated, which makes the Treewang Idol a mandatory Artifact for PvP.

I have no real point of reference here, because I rarely played PvP with the old System, but guys and girls… fuck Battle of the Golems. At first it seemed fun with the Moba Light Game Mode, but after discovering there spawns a Mantide Boss below the Arena. And if you kill it, it drops a Divine Orb. The game is over because whoever claims this orb gets into Divine Form and instantly kills anything and wins the game.

And at this point I must ask: Do the Developers play their own game? I mean, seriously. You guys first say: No Divine Form in PvP because it is broken that way. But you let a mechanic stay in the PvP Mode to get to the Divine Form anyway ending the game.

Skyforge Payback System – MyLoot

Some Lootboxes are limited to only one purchase

Since Thursday (July, 12th) My.Com implemented some sort of Payback System for its Games: Revelation Online, Armored Warframe and of course Skyforge.

If you buy something over the MyLoot Market Place you gain so called MyCoins which can be used to buy Lootboxes for Skyforge. It also seems that it isn’t important which items for which game you buy to get MyCoins.

The pricing seems a bit expensive at times, especially considering the one time use of some of the items. On the other side, some of the Lootboxes are way better than the ones you can buy with Argents in the game. So it is up to you if you buy them or not.

But if I being honest: It is still a shitty thing to do, because as the picture shows. 200K VMs are a lot. Like around 27% of your total progression in the Trophy department and people want that considering your daily VM income is a fraction of this amount (200 VM or 0,026% progression each day). So it is still a form of gambling even if it is locked in a payback system, because people want then to buy virtual items not for the items itself but for the coins and try to get the good stuff via the coins, so in my personal opionion it is even worse than regular lootboxes.