The Community Watch exist to take a look at the Community and summarize interesting stories, posts, link and news around Skyforge that weren’t covered the past week or would otherwise go unnoticed.

Selfie with a Mantide. Made by Clavicl6.

Skyforge Selfie

Skyforge subreddit user Ingvevyr shared are picture that was made by Devianart(ist) Clavicl6. You find her Devianart Account here: She is a russian artist and made more Skyforge Art.

Developers Q&A

Our russian friends at Allods Team suprised us last Tuesday with an Q&A. You can find it here.


  • Promise to balance the classes
  • Grovewalker was a success (no suprise considering he is totally overpowered) there will be a new class in the future.
  • PvP-Questions: See the next Headline for it.
  • Will the Elder Godform usefull in other parts of the game? Even the Devs don’t know now.
  • Pricing of Gear upgrades seems too expensive? Devs think it is okay.
  • No new Invasion Faction in the near future. But Devs hint on new game mode coming soon™
  • Old Weapons and Artifacts are useless because of how the Generation-System works. Devs answer is wonky at best. No fix in sight.
  • New cosmetic soon? Devs say it takes too much effort and employees are needed to put out more content.
  • Transmog Items? Devs say it takes too much effort to implement such things in the game.
  • Currently Legendary Weapons can’t be upgraded to the new Generation and there are currently no plans on the Dev-Team to let them upgrade.
  • Progression after getting to Junior God is slow and painfull but the Devs are planning some UI changes. How this will help us, is not clear.
  • New Skins for the Godform won’t coming soon, they don’t make enough money from it


Wait there is more!

Aside from the Developer Q&A our russian friends suprised us with a Youtube Video about upcoming PvP changes.


  • Tweaking the Scaling in Battle of the Equals and Massive Battle Whatever this means. Also no Combat Mounts, no Bonus from Cathedrale and Tower of Knowledge and no God Form.
  • New PvP Stat. Stat increases with PvP Activity. How exactly it will work is not explained.
  • Implementing new Ladder System including Seasons lining up with the invasion.
  • There will be rewards at the end of the Seasons determined by your Rank within the Ladder. Reward can be also a temporary legendary weapon.
  • Each PvP fight will reward items with the new PvP Stat.
  • No PvP related Directives anymore.
  • PvP-Happy Hours: Better Rewards during the Happy Hour which should mean in Theory more players queuing up and more PvP Fights.
  • New PvP Mode announced for summer 2018