What can you expect from a class guide? Basically gear doesn’t matter that much in Skyforge. Which means we will take a look into the interactions of the skills and abilities of a class and try to figure out what makes it *tick* so you will be able to perform in a decent manner.

One of the first classes a player can unlock is the Cryomancer. He has some cool interactions between the different skills. So we will take a look into these and how it can make your whole Skyforge experience a whole lot easier to start.

Cryomancer Skill-Set
Cryonic Pulse Icy Missile Icy Comet Crystal Shield Glacial Fangs Cryobeam Whiteout Jagged Ice Frost Shackles Northern Breeze

Standard Resource Management

The Cryomancer owns the resource called Cryogen and it replenish itself by 5% every second. The only other way to gain more Cryogen, besides its own regeneration in combat, is to finish up an monster with little health, which replenish your Cryogen by 50%.

To counter the effect that you run out of Cryogen mid combat and can do nothing almost half of your abilities doesn’t need Cryogen and go on cooldown, besides your left-click skill [Cryonic Pulse] which is always available.

Class Mechanic

Beside the obvious bock standard resource management there is another class mechanic: Freeze Shit! (Who could have known that?)

The debuff [Intense Cooling] grants you a 30% higher critical chance against monsters that are affected by it and they are also slowed down, which is always nice for a ranged dps class. There are several ways to add this debuff.

First would be using the skills [Icy Comet] which is an AOE Skill that covers are relativly big area, deals decent damage and applies the debuff on all monsters hit. Our second option is the AOE skill named [Whiteout], it is a damage over time effect and every target hit by it gains the debuff. Next would be our defensive skill [Crystal Shield] which reduces incoming damage by 80% for 6 seconds and adds [Intense Cooling] if the targets are essential in close combat range.

The last and a bit shoddy onmancer is modified. It is much longer and leaves a trail of spiked ice. Every monster running over the trail gets [Intense Cooling] added, so it is often very helpfull to just dodge from one part to another and right back so monsters get constantly added the debuff.

With [Cryogenic Suspense] applied on a monsters you gain a 50% higher critical chance. But it can only be triggered via the skill [Glacial Fangs] which opens monster to another combo.

Important: [Intense Cooling] and [Cryogenic Suspense] only works on monsters with one health bar. As soon as the target has more it will not work and you need to rely on other methods for extra damage.

Shattering Ice

choose your battles wisely

As said [Glacial Fangs] put targets into [Cryogenic Suspense]. Thats basically means everything in a cone in front of you gets frozen for 4 seconds as long as the monster only has one health bar. If you now use your right-click skill [Icy Missile] you will break the [Cryogenic Suspense] and deal 200% more damage in addition from the already higher critical chance. IF the target survives it is knocked down for 2 seconds.

Important to note is that the skill [Cryobeam] has a 50% chance to grant you two free uses of [Icy Missiles] which, if the effect is triggered, deals two times more damage. So that is a pretty heavy hitter IF the effect is triggered considering all the other effects which stack. But in my personal opinion you should only use it if you can pull it off. I mean you only have 4 seconds to activate [Cryobeam] and then hit the desired targets also, so not much time to move around or carefully aim or load up [Icy Missile].

Whats with bosses?

As you noticed all the nice debuffs won’t work on bosses/bigger monsters. Which means you lose a lot of base synergy and also DPS out. But that doesn’t mean your Cryomancer is useless against bigger targets. It just mean you need put the target into liquid nitrogen.

The Cryomancer has some decent damage over times effects that we can stack up to freeze our targets to death. You start with a fully loaded [Icy Missile] also called [Icy Dart]. It applies a damage over time effect on the target and you will gain a 15% higher critical chance. Next you cast [Whiteout] and at last [Jagged Shard]. Thats three damage effects with a 15% increased critical chance and should kill the boss or at least heavily damage him.

Other options are still [Cryobeam] for the 50% chance to get free [Icy Missiles] for two times more damage or using your big hitter [Frost Shackles] which will put also bosses in [Cryogenic Suspense] but you can only use it once every 9 minute which makes it your ace in the hole

Is the a9 ability [Crater Ice] worth unlocking?

[Crater Ice] basically adds an buff that is only triggered by [Cryobeam] (or [Snowball] if you are a PvP Player) and adds an extra 50% chance to [Icy Missile]. The description says it has a 100% chance to be triggered but the buff never shows up on my bar and I can’t feel a difference. So maybe it is bugged?

At least I didn’t feel an significant improvement for the Cryomancer-Class.

Thats it for today

Are you satisfied with the guide? Anything I forgot to mention? What class do you want I make a guide next on? Please answer in the comments.