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Should you play Skyforge?

Lately the following questions show up on Twitter, Reddit and the offical Discord quite regular: Is it worth playing? Should I play Skyforge? Is it any good? Should I return? And to be honest, I tried now a while to… Continue Reading →

Skyforge Battle Royale – 1 Month Later, What changed?

It’s now over a month since our Russian Friends introduced the Battle Royale Game Mode for Skyforge. So let’s take a look how this game mode developed. And if it still is worth a shot. New Queue System At the… Continue Reading →

How to get Argents

The blue cristals called Argents are the premium currency in Skyforge which allow you to buy additional Victor Medals and Packs which grant you additional progress and rewards in the game. With this little guide we take a more detailed… Continue Reading →

Contest: The Beauty of Skyforge! [PC NA ONLY]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So let’s make a Contest out of it! You like a specific place in Skyforge? Or an NPC or a special composition of enemies and landscape? Then make a screenshot of it… Continue Reading →

What the FORK is going on?

You may have noticed that my Blog is currently changing it’s looks and stuff is changing around. The main reason is that I didn’t like the old Design of my Blog and how it display text, widgets and anything else… Continue Reading →

Poll: What’s your favorite class in Skyforge?

We will have today something easy. A poll! Why? Because as I searched through the WordPress Plugin Site to find something salvagable for my blog to enhance it further I thought to myself “A Poll Plugin could be useful for… Continue Reading →

Discord Contest: Make It Divine [PC NA ONLY]

On the Official Skyforge Discord the Elder Guardian King Cujo announced the contest “Make It Divine”. Only PC Players in North America or more likely said, players playing on the NA Server are allowed to participate on this Event. What… Continue Reading →

WTF is this shit?

You maybe wondering: “What am I looking at?” So let me enlighten you! I hate Skyforge! It is basically everything I hate on modern free2play MMOs. But what I hate more then Skyforge is myself. So week, after week, after… Continue Reading →

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