Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So let’s make a Contest out of it! You like a specific place in Skyforge? Or an NPC or a special composition of enemies and landscape? Then make a screenshot of it and send it in!

What is this Contest all about?
  • Crank your Graphic Settings to the max
  • Make a Screenshot of Skyforge (motive doesn’t matter)
  • You may edit it via Photoshop afterwards
  • Post your masterpiece on the Skyfork Forum here
  • Only one entry per player
  • Only Player from the PC NA Server can apply
And what do I get for my hard work?

My gratitude…

…Jokes aside.

I choose not three but FOUR winners for the contest!

The first two will get an Overgrowth Collector Packs and the third and fourth place will get each one Revenant Quickplay Packs! (Thanks to Killshift, the Community Manager, for providing me with codes for Skyforge!)

So try your best, the contest will end on Sunday, 24th of June and winner will be announced on Monday, 25th of June.

I wish you the best!