It’s now over a month since our Russian Friends introduced the Battle Royale Game Mode for Skyforge. So let’s take a look how this game mode developed. And if it still is worth a shot.

New Queue System
Queuesystem and Adept Kerr

The new queue system displays now with how many other players you are queued up

At the start you needed something between 25 to 40+ players for the Battle Royale Modus and you never knew how long the queue time. In addition the queue time was pretty long because the player pool is very small. But that was changed. The queue system now displays how many people are waiting for a match and it only needs 15 players to start a match. This reduce the queue times greatly. Not only because less players are needed but people tend to wait a bit longer.

It takes now now 2-10 minutes to queue up for a match instead of 20-60 minutes before. But beware, the player pool is still relativly small, which means if you play at 3am it is likely no match will start.

More Rewards

The rewards in Battle Royale where upped. You get now more Tokens of the King Tokens of the King and Symbols of Glory Symbol of Glory. With Tokens of the King you can purchase Adepts for one time use. And with Symbol of Glory you can purchase Royal Chests Royale Chest in the main game. Royal Chests received also an change. Instead of 10 Symbols of Glory it costs now only 5, but instead of 50,000 Credits Credits you only get now 30,000 Credits, but overall you get 10,000 more because your can purchase two instead of one Royale Chest.

Besides Credits the Royale Chest contains one Item of Epic or Mythical quality. The chance to get an mythical item is relativly high, I would say something between 5-15%.

In addition three new costumes where added that you can only purchase with Symbol of Glory, for your main character. Overall nice improvements. But I hope we will see more variety in the rewards in the near future.

HINT: It seems the Royale Chest rewards more

Slowly evolving Meta – Kerr, the Devourer

The most played Adept, besides the three base Adepts, was Kerr the Devourer. Kerr can’t use armor, which works as extra hitpoints, but by killing monsters and players gains a boost on his damage and hitpoints. And here he basically breaks the game. A normal character gains with shield fragments 3 shield points up to 30 if he don’t wear special armor. Kerr gains 3-15 maximum hitpoints per killed monster, depending on its difficulty and has no base limit like a regular Adept.

That means his handicap is basically non existent. Also he resupplies his health via Health Stations that are marked on the map, killing monsters and players and via Health Kits which are regular items with only a cool down. He performs really good in mid and endgame of battle royale, especially that the accumulated damage bonus is applied to monsters and players alike.

But since the last maintenance Allods Team rebalanced the classes a bit. So the Kerr is not that broken anymore and it to question again how well it is balanced now.

Known Issues

High Ground JokeThere are also some known Issues with the game. For example if you walk down a beach area the camera is buggy and you can’t look properly up. That means if a person stands on higher ground like on a rock or a hill you are forked. Another problem is that you can get stuck on the ground. Often the foliage covers small stones or ledges that block your movement entirely.

A major issue, in my opinion, is the sound design of the Battle Royale Mode. Honestly the sound design is not really the strong suit of Skyforge itself. Sounds often are very weak especially in context of the UI. But it is serviceable. In the Battle Royale Mode however it seems not like it is finished at all. Sometimes you hear your own footsteps sometimes not. If an enemy player is in your vicinity and loot chests and equip weapons it sounds like you are the person taking up the loot. But you don’t hear any footsteps or enviromental effects of an enemy player, so you must rely on your vision only.

If someone shoots at you, there is barely any sound.  In fact if you shoot a monster yourself you will hear 0 sound until it is very close to you.

The Future of Skyforge Battle Royale

Future Battle Royale AdeptI imagine more bug fixes and balancing. But we can also look a bit into the future because the game is developed in russia and all updates are released on their PC Servers first. So the next update will probably include at some point a new class that wears a power armor with jetpack.

In conclusion, the new Battle Royale Mode is constantly improving, more and more players actually play it. Rewards seem decent. Content is produced for it. But it still needs some polish and tweaks. And I still stand by my opinion of my last assessment: It is really fun to play and can stand on its own.